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Hygge (pronounced hoo-guh), is a Danish concept that while it doesn’t translate entirely, means something to the effect of coziness. Hygge encourages us to embrace cold, dreary weather and dare we say, enjoy it! A key ritual of Hygge is to stay warm and cozy and that’s what this parcel is all about.

Think warm thoughts and enjoy a cup of organic Cornelia Bean Fireside Chat tea, in a stunning hand-fired ceramic mug by Cold Hand Ceramics. For a little something sweet add a spoonful of The Farmer’s Daughter Manitoba harvested cinnamon honey. Light the luxury wood wick, soy based Peppermint + Vanilla candle made by our Swedish friends at Mysa and cuddle up with a good book. Relax and breathe in the all-natural Prairie Potions Lavender Love Relaxing Room Spray & Body Mist.

This parcel is available for holiday orders while limited quantities last. Parcels will be available for pick-up, mail or city delivery (set days only) after December 12

Parcel Includes

  • One 118ml bottle of Lavender Love Relaxing Room Spray & Mist // Prairie Potions
  • One hand-fired ceramic mug // Cold Hands Ceramics
  • One 190ml jar of Cinnamon honey // The Farmer’s Daughter
  • One 4oz luxury wood wick soy wax candle in Peppermint + Vanilla // Mysa
  • One 50g bag of organic Fireside Chat tea // Cornelia Bean


*Some items in the box may not appear exactly as they do in this photo due to items being individually crafted