Prairie Parcels is made up of three prairie girls (two sisters and one cousin), with a love for local. Over coffee one day we were discussing our favorite local makers when we came up with the idea to curate gift parcels that showcase Manitoba made products.

Prairie Parcels allow you to give thoughtful and unique gifts, all while supporting local. We hand pick every product and partner to ensure that only the highest quality (and most lovely) products make it into our parcels. The parcels are designed to appeal to everyone and showcase the many vibrant and talented makers in Manitoba.


Jenna is the oldest (self proclaimed wisest) and a cousin to the other two. Her background is in marketing and sales and she is an avid writer and photographer. She’s involved in the local Icelandic community and likes to spend as much time as possible enjoying lake life in Gimli, Manitoba.


Ashton is in the middle, and a sister to Mackenzie and cousin to Jenna. Her background is in marketing, business and strategy and there’s nothing she loves more than a well-organized Excel sheet. She lives and works in Toronto and in her time off she enjoys exploring the city and surrounding areas.


Mackenzie is the youngest, and a sister to Ashton and cousin to Jenna. She is currently pursuing her doctorate and is the key person in charge of creative and styling. She’s a lover of all things gold and marble (can you tell?) and is always researching for her next inspiration.